Sunday, May 20, 2012

As stay-at-home mom, I constantly search for deals and try to earn an extra buck here and there.
Lately, I've focused at three programs - Swagbucks, GiftHulk and SuperPoints.

Recently SuperPoints changed some of their policies(primarily - capping the referral earnings) and upped the prices - you can read about it here: .
That created HUGE wave of disappointment from all the SuperPoints members and they even had to close down their Facebook page - there were THAT many negative comments. 

So, I decided to make proper comparison of these programs to see which one is better.
I even created an Infographic(using for the comparison:

As you can clearly see - there is NO special reason for me to stay with the SuperPoints! Especially, considering how badly they treat their users and even took their Facebook page down instead of responding to the complaints!

So, I will stop wasting my time on SuperPoints and concentrate on  GiftHulk and  Swagbucks instead(as they both have Search&Win features).
I've already redeemed 70$ from Swagbucks(in 4 months) and $95 from GiftHulk(in 3 months), and i do not mean to stop :)

As always, competition shows which service is best for us - users. 
As it currently seems - GiftHulk is winning(simply by having the Treasure Box), with Swagbucks in second place and Superpoints just shot themselves in the foot!

I'll share with everyone my little winning tips for GiftHulk / Swagbucks  as soon as I'll get some free time :)