Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In this post I will share with you what is my progress in different rewards programs. I'll also will share with you First Lesson of the Reward Confessions blog – as I've promised!

The main three programs that I participate in are GiftHulk, Swagbucks and Superpoints. Recently, I decided to drop out Superpoints. That is because of their recent changes – I talked about them in my recent post. I do not participate in other small and new programs, because most of them are scam anyway – so it is better to stick to known ones.

Countdown of my earnings from May-June 2012:
Gifthulk – Basically, I've been redeeming $5-$10 every week. The main reason is because it is where a do most of my Offer walls offers (because of the best ratio) – later on that. Also, for my Search engine – as of late I've switched to GiftHulk Search (before that it was Swagbucks Search).
Also, my Daily Poll suggestions sometimes get chosen – and each one of these gets me 5 Hulk Coins ;)
So, my total at GiftHulk comes to $80 – I've been redeeming $5 Amazon Gift Cards, as they are currently are a best value.

Swagbucks – I've been there mainly for their TV and some special offers. From time to time I'd also try to complete some of the surveys. So, my Swagbucks count comes to total of $10 (also in form of $5 Amazon Gift Cards).

Superpoints – It seems that the only way to earn from Superpoints is being a huge blogger with a lot of referrals – so you will be able to earn from their SuperLucky button wins. And even them have been hurt by their latest cuts on the button wins! As I am not a huge blogger – I've decided to pull the plug on my Superpoints activity. So the $5 that I've got from them now – are my last ones.

So, basically – I've got $95 in a month and a half, by spending less than an hour each day on these reward sites. As I save all the Gift Cards for my Christmas shopping – I'll have around $750 for my 2012 Christmas Shopping, or even more! Now tell me that's not impressive – that means I won't spend a dime from my own money!

So how do I do it? Of course there are a lot of free ways to get your Hulk Coins or Swagbucks, but they all are pretty slow. My preferable way is completing various offers – mostly at GiftHulk. Their offer prizes are almost the same as Swagbucks(sometimes even more) and their prize price is lower especially with their Discounts! 
Let's take my $750 Christmas worth of Gift Cards. At GiftHulk that will cost me 65850 Hulk Coins(439 Hulk Coins for $5 Amazon Gift Card. That is without any Discount – usually I time my purchases to the Discounts that I win.
At Swagbucks – that is 67500 Swagbucks. 

That difference would got me 1650 additional Swagbucks(or Hulk Coins) – that is almost $20!

And when you count the Boosts and the Discounts that you can win at Gifthulk – it is understandable why I prefer completing offers at GIfthulk!

Reward Confessions Lesson #1: Gifthulk Offer Walls

The Offer Walls http://www.gifthulk.com/offer-walls/ are great for earning lots of EZ Hulk coins. GiftHulk currently has 9 offer walls.
That is a lot! I highly advise to visit the Offer Walls at least twice a day as some of the offers and videos are constantly added or reset.

It is possible to find videos on ALL nine walls. When you begin looking for videos on the offer walls -  take your time!! Videos are not found just on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pages of Offer Walls. Videos can be and have been found on pages 13 and 14 of Offer Walls. So please take your time and go through each page of an Offer Wall to ensure you earn all the EZ coins from videos.
Depending on the number of videos available you can earn as much as 25 to 30 coins a day from the videos alone found on all of the Offer Walls.

As for other offers - it is entirely possible to spend hours on just one offer wall because it has so many pages filled with Offers. Some of them are simply "Like" some Facebook page, some are short registrations on various websites and others are short surveys.
I advise to open a different Yahoo email account, just for all the offers – as many of them ask you to register with your email address. 

What makes GiftHulk so wonderful is that "IF" you complete offers correctly and do not receive credit – you can contact support http://www.gifthulk.com/support/ . Tell them the offer name, include a screenshot, and you will receive credit for the offer. But first make sure to cantact the Offer Wall support, as they usually ask what was the Offer Wall support response.

Now let's make sure you are completing offers correctly ALL the time: 

(1) Turn Ad-block off
(2) Accept third party cookies
(3) Clean your cache (just press Ctrl+F5)
(4) Begin the offer
(5) If the offer has multiple pages SLOW DOWN. Advertisers monitor your speed. If you go through an offer too fast the advertisers will think the offer is being automated and you may not receive credit.
(6) If the offer has multiple pages and you experience pop-ups while completing the offer DO NOT close the pop-up ads just minimize the ads. This is very important! These pop-up ads allow the advertiser to track the offer and to place the cookie on your computer.
(7) Once you reach the completion page leave that page open as long as possible. Take a screenshot of the completion page and watch your credit history for the offer credit. 
(8) If the offer is email submit take a screenshot of the confirmation email and watch your credit history for the offer credit.
(9) Please remember offers do credit the next day!! Email the screenshots to yourself of any pending offers and wait 24 hours. If the offer has not credited after 24 hours then submit a support ticket and include the screenshot of the offer. GiftHulk has excellent customer support and will assist you very quickly. 
If you feel that you are not getting enough Offer Wall videos or offers - I highly encourage you to contact GiftHulk support http://www.gifthulk.com/support/. What makes GiftHulk so good is that they listen to the users and THEN implement their requests (Hint: GHTV coming soon). Although GiftHulk cannot control how many videos are available to users they CAN control how many advertisers are available to users. I have contacted support on this issue and they informed me that they are seriously thinking about adding more advertisers to the Offer Walls. GiftHulk is truly an international site and are constantly looking for ways so that ALL users are earning EZ. Therefore, please contact support if if you feel that you are not getting enough Offer Wall videos. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

As stay-at-home mom, I constantly search for deals and try to earn an extra buck here and there.
Lately, I've focused at three programs - Swagbucks, GiftHulk and SuperPoints.

Recently SuperPoints changed some of their policies(primarily - capping the referral earnings) and upped the prices - you can read about it here: http://blog.superpoints.com/ .
That created HUGE wave of disappointment from all the SuperPoints members and they even had to close down their Facebook page - there were THAT many negative comments. 

So, I decided to make proper comparison of these programs to see which one is better.
I even created an Infographic(using http://creately.com/) for the comparison:

As you can clearly see - there is NO special reason for me to stay with the SuperPoints! Especially, considering how badly they treat their users and even took their Facebook page down instead of responding to the complaints!

So, I will stop wasting my time on SuperPoints and concentrate on  GiftHulk and  Swagbucks instead(as they both have Search&Win features).
I've already redeemed 70$ from Swagbucks(in 4 months) and $95 from GiftHulk(in 3 months), and i do not mean to stop :)

As always, competition shows which service is best for us - users. 
As it currently seems - GiftHulk is winning(simply by having the Treasure Box), with Swagbucks in second place and Superpoints just shot themselves in the foot!

I'll share with everyone my little winning tips for GiftHulk / Swagbucks  as soon as I'll get some free time :)